Slow fashion

Gamberini Bag was born in Bologna in 2013 from the passion for art and made in Italy fashion design.

Behind Gamberini Bag bags there is the search for quality materials and a network of professional relationships that are first and foremost human and ethical .

Our attention has always been focused on sustainability, which is why our products are in true leather, guarantee durability in time.

The leather comes from Tuscany, but all the production of our bags and accessories is made in Bologna. Our production is 100% local .

Craftsmanship gives us the possibility of creating limited runs of models in unrepeatable shades of color every season, with the exception of black.


Change is beautiful

Our leather bag is, like each of us, unique and always different . All Gamberini Bag models can be customized according to your style, look and occasion.

The applique is our revolution.

In a few simple gestures you can change the insert on the bag and transform it completely. It's an accessory that changes with us.


All day every day

All our bags are handcrafted from leather to ensure resistance, durability and lightness , so that they can be worn every day, all day, with originality.



We use completely reusable hand screen-printed packaging. Along with each Gamberini Bag comes a resealable pouch, perfect for storing your bag in the closet or suitcase, and a durable and convenient polypropylene flap that can also be reused for groceries.