Ilenia Gamberini

The search for a refined style that can excite and frame the beauty of Italian manufacturing art

Ilenia Gamberini is an Italian designer , she creates bag models for her fashion brand in Bologna , the city where she grew up and from which she draws constant inspiration for her collections.

His roots are honored not only in the name of the brand, which takes his typically Bolognese surname, but above all in the choice of 100% local production which gave rise to Gamberini Bag.

Having graduated in 2007 in History of Art from the oldest university in the world, the Alma Mater Studiorum of Bologna, she then embarked on a rich career in the sector of organizing artistic and cultural events.

The love for art , fashion and the desire to experiment were fertile ground for a new professional path in fashion design. In creating her unique concept and model designs she was inspired by her artistic training and the great history of Made in Italy .

For Ilenia Gamberini , fashion research is art research . His style frames the beauty of Italian manufacturing, his signature is the oval, which contains everything that tickles his artistic sensitivity.

Becoming a mother in the period of professional resilience, in her early thirties, gave the designer immense strength and determination to become an entrepreneur and founder of the fashion accessories brand Gamberini Bag, as well as manager of her first store in the center of Bologna in 2014 .

From the design of the accessory, she then dedicated herself to the search for excellent craftsmen for the creation of the first collection and to the formation of a multifaceted and passionate team with which to grow as individuals and as a project.

Ilenia Gamberini's brand is an extension of the designer's soul, made up of artistic emotion, attention to detail, love for the territory and its culture.