AW 2020/21 collection

Springle model

Springle is dedicated to spring, from this season it takes inspiration and name.Dedicated to all those women who want to leave home without too many rugs and without too many weights, but with the essential to be able to express the most freely possible.This is what you want to synthesize the practice Springle, small, light, stylish, organized inside with the classic pockets gamberini bag, phone holder and small accessories.

Width 18 cm, 24 cm depth, 114 cm adjustable shoulder strap.



Night model

It was not the first model created, but it was the one who has characterized my path in fashion more and that still today represents the design of my brand, now Icon for me and my customers! Model Night It takes shape in 2015, after countless research among Made in Italy cult models, a mid-summer afternoon brushing in my mother's wardrobe, a real sight of lightning makes me fall in love instantly in love with a small black leather bag of a well-known Italian 60s Brand. Brought back to light after years of wardrobe and worn, this model has confirmed its potential, I immediately started at work and only after few deficitments was born my first star, the model Night. You have the ability to better show with strength, balance and elegance Le Lines of Italian Lei Vesting the appliques like a perfect model, for this reason I consider the best performer of my brand. Iconic and never out of the theme, represents the essence of what I want from a bag, declined in many colors shows its hidden sides, able to be the best stage for any applique accompanies the women of any age, bringing a woman with class In career at his work aperitif, or coming out of a spring night together with a sixteen-year-old full of joy. Perfect for the nights of an essential, demanding woman eager to express her femininity with style.

Depth 5cm, height 18 cm, width 23 cm, removable shoulder strap 143 cm

Backpack pattern

I waited a few years before venturing myself in the design of this model, deliberately sought after for young people, but also loved by the most unsuspected.The backpack has always been synonymous with freedom, hands free, walking, tourism, school reminiscences that expand and border in fashion by performing stylistic evolutions of different nature.Function, comfort and style The cornerstones of this research, the balance with the concept obviously always feeds.As always project to raise, soft lines and attentive to the internal space, the attention falls to me on the access hinge, I think of how important safety is, but as much attention it deserves its functionality, I feel different braces solutions, I look for balance and depart Sketches, patterns, trials, choices.Personally I consider this model up to his role, he does not lack personality but respects the dress and the moment, there is no lack of looks to chasing him and dressed as a wall that is a marvel! I prefer it in pop and punk versions, with the applique full of studs.To date the most fun model I have made for my brand!

Depth 14cm, height 33