Modello Zaino

Model Zaino

Inspirations : Cara Delevigne / Manami Kinoshita / Jazzelle Zanaughtti  /University of Bologna

I waited a few years before I ventured into the design of this model, purposefully wanted for young people, but loved even by the most unsuspecting.
The backpack has always been synonymous with freedom, free hands, walking, tourism, school reminiscences that expand and tread in fashion by making stylistic evolutions of different nature.
Function, convenience and style the capisalds of this my research, the balance with the concept obviously always takes precedence.
As always a project to levitate, soft lines and stick to the interior space, the focus falls on the access zipper, I think about how important safety is, but as much attention deserves the functionality, I try out different bretelle solutions, I seek balance and depart the sketches, the cartels, the evidence, the choices.

I personally recount this model at the height of his role, he does not lack personality but he respects the suit and the moment, he does not lack a look at chasing after him and he dresses up in cheeses that is a marvel! I prefer it in pop and punk versions, with the applique full of bores.
To date the most fun model I've made for my brand!

Zaino Measures: depth 14 cm, height 33 cm.                           


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