Modello Vittoria

Bugatti Bag "Vittoria"

Inspirations: Vittoria Colonna / Vittoria Cappelli / Vittoria Puccini / Vittoria Ceretti

"Classicism, I wanted to dress present with history.

I was looking for inspiration to strong Italian women, of yesterday and today, of a classic nature, almost of Hellenic origin, with a rich personality, women who smells like flowers in spring, ambassadors of beauty.

Chance lead me to a name above others, Vittoria. It becames the common denominator that I couldn't escape, representing so many beautiful and bold women.

The design of the model had already been present in my sketchbook for about two years, waiting for the right moment to be customized by my appliques.

Classic lines, small but effective sizes to be able to contain the essentials in an orderly manner, gentle and bearer of elegance, it whispers to its older sisters without being afraid of its pure heart, aware of its own delicate beauty.

You'll wear this bag on your shoulder without even notice it, so light and comfortable that it enlightens cloudy days.

I personally wear it with hand-embroidered almost feels like I'm walking with my twenty-year-old grandmother, hand in hand."



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