Modello Ubertina

Ubertina model

Inspirations: My client Ubertina / Elsa Schiaparelli / Iris Law / macarons

Essential, linear, direct, joyful, cheerful, ironic model... like Ubertina!

My sunny client to whom I wanted to dedicate this bag for elective affinities.

Historic and iconic model already revisited, it tempted me on a particularly cold evening in February, presenting itself in one of those blogs that you don't know why you are visiting, but still within my digital journey of fluid research, where I had the clear sensation of a dejavu in progress, but the presence of a sort of additional ironic charge stimulated me again....then a message from my client Ubertina lights up my cell phone and not if to connect the dots, I close the figure and everything is turns on.

Thus, in an almost surreal way, the vision of Ubertina was born, a bag of which you can do less in terms of size and capacity, but which becomes indispensable like an accomplice friend, sharing in your lively outings!

He prefers sunny days and the craziest evenings, wearing the boldest appliques.

Favorite pastry in my collection!

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