Modello Sofy

Sofy model

Inspirations: - Sophie Marceau / Marion Cotillard / Vivienne Westwood / Jean Seberg

While I was happy wearing it for the first time I stayed a few more minutes in front of the mirror with a deja vu in my mind, then a synapse came out of my unconscious and led me to the final result of Sophie Marceau, so, it seemed almost by accident, but no, During the design and development of this model I was so inspired by the French models in the 60s and unconsciously, watching so many films and photos of shooting, style model and personality remained present with reference to the wonderful Sophie above.
That's why, with license and dedication, my last birthday, 2019, is called Sofy. 
Of the iconic actress as well as the name takes style and elegance, classical beauty, charm and sensuality and all that can lead to a pure thought.
Historical model and repeatedly reproduced, the bucket has given me a lot of work, but it has given me immense satisfaction precisely because I have to confront a sacred monster, have to rethink and stimulate myself not to slip on solutions too close to the big brands and the great designers. I think I've found a solution that fits my concept, not easy to implement because of the shapes of the model, but I found the way immediately I got excited. 
Needless to say, this bag lends itself to all occasions, the difference is knowing how to wear it. Pure Italian silk appliances accompany you with the right allure!

Measurements: height 21 cm, width 36 cm, trolley 120 cm







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