Modello Shopper


Inspirations: Kate Moss / Amsterdam / Market Vucciria Palermo / The Sea of ​​Formentera

The best seller of my brand!
Versatile, easy, dynamic, is a bag born to hold.
It houses the concept of the appliques in a functional and disengaged manner.
It is a bag model made by many brands, perhaps all, declined in countless versions but never denies its capable and effective day bag nature.



I have made a path to remove in the planning phase, I synthesized this model to the pure lines and matrices of its function, nothing more than what is needed and you see, almost naked, wears shoulder or hand, no internal lining But only the high quality Italian skin, two unique internal accessory pockets to welcome phone and small personal objects from not disperses inside its volume and not having to look in vain with a full-length of female!

Shopper measures: depth13 cm, height 35 cm, width 45 cm
Measures Little Shopper: Depth13 cm, height 28 cm, width 36 cm






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