Modello Nina

Model Nina

Inspirations: my daughter Nina Monica Vitti Monica Bellucci Lamborghini Huracan LP 610  

Nina is my daughter's name!
I came to dedicate this bag to you because when I realized that I had made a model with a sophisticated elegance, I couldn't help it.
It was a hard and rewarding work of design and research.
I have researched and researched the historical collections of the made in Italy in search of ideas that can enrich me at the design level, I have searched for that aesthetic that was still lacking in my models. I never gave myself time to succeed in this stylistic exercise, but an unconscious path guided by the research carried out and the experience of my Italian DNA, led me relatively soon to the result.
Nina contains the concept of appliances in a fully integrated way, its shapes greet it aesthetically and functionally, finding balance and sophisticated elegance in the whole.
Since 2018, the year of her birth, I usually decline Nina in mostly dark colors, but I do not disdain to take her to the extremes of red and some variations of green and blu e, sometimes delivering her to spring, others to recurring festivities, with renewed energy.
My choice of applique is always based on the top of the range, giving you the most precious silks and the most elegant designs.
I feel love for this model and, like her namesake, when I look at her she smiles at me!

Measurements:height 33 cm, depth 13 cm,  width 29 cm, adjustable trolley min 85 cm max 115 cm








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