Modello Night

Model Night

Inspirations : Audrey Hepburn / Teatro La Fenice Venice / Madonna "like a virgin" /My mother

It was not the first model made, but it was the one that featured the most of my path in fashion and still today best represents the design of my brand, and I will be an icon for myself and my clients! The Model Night takes shape in 2015, after countless searches between the cult models of the Made in Italy, a midsummer afternoon snooping in my mother's wardrobe, a real lightning strike makes me instantly fall in love with a small black leather bag of a well-known Italian brand ' 60. Brought to light after years of wardrobe and worn, this model confirmed its potential, I immediately put myself to work and only after a few diphthecents was born my first star, the model Night.

It has the ability to show the best with strength, balance and elegance its Italian lines by dressing the cheeses as a perfect model, which is why I recount the best performer in my brand. Iconic and never out of the theme, it represents the essence of what I want from a bag, which has declined in so many colors, its hidden sides, capable of being the best stage for any applique accompanies women of any age, bringing a career woman with a career to her job aperitif, or by leaving a spring night together with a sixteen-year-old full of joy. Perfect for the nights of an essential, demanding woman, eager to express her own femininity with style. But the biggest satisfaction is when my mother is wearing it!

Measures : depth5cm, height 18 cm, width 23 cm, tracolla143 cm









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