Modello Marlene

Marlene model

Inspirations: " With just her voice she could break your heart. But she also has a stunning body and a face of timeless beauty ." Ernest Hemingway, referring to a diva of cinema, theater and fashion like Marlene Dietrich.

The creative process behind the Marlene bag has been an exciting and inspired journey. I imagined a bag that was both comfortable and chic, capable of meeting the needs of the modern woman. Practicality was a priority, but I didn't want to sacrifice style and elegance. I wanted to create an accessory that could be worn easily and that would suit any occasion, from day to night.

The Marlene bag is the result of this inspiration and passion. A bag that offers comfort and practicality, without sacrificing refinement and elegance. It is a tribute to the great divas of the 1920s who inspired its creation, but above all it is a style companion for modern women who want an accessory that makes them feel confident and wonderful.

The Marlene bag has been carefully designed to ensure a perfect balance between functionality and style. As always, I chose high quality materials, such as leather, to give the bag a touch of luxury and resistance. The shape and dimensions have been designed to comfortably accommodate all of a woman's essential items, without losing its slender and chic appearance.

During the creative process, I was inspired by the images of this splendid diva who enchanted the big screen. I sought to capture her magnetic aura and unique sense of style, translating them into an accessory that could be proudly worn by every woman.

With Marlene by your side, you can face the day with grace and confidence, knowing you have an accessory that embodies the essence of the great French and German divas: comfortable, chic and simply irresistible.

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