Modello La Busta

La Busta model

Inspirations: Cultural Embassy, ​​Lloyd Hotel, Amsterdam / Daphne Groeneveld / Anish Kapoor / Rebecca Clopath

Two years ago I was catapulted by a birthday present at the Lloyd Hotel in Amsterdam, a weekend of those you've dreamed of for a long time and you never find time, but a generous friend manages to understand this and more, sometimes extracting pearls like these in a sea of ​​commitments.

During breakfast on the first day, I discover the Cultural Embassy inside this original container, I am captured by the people who frequent it, with its original, colourful, innovative look, neatly lost in their creative confusion. I am attracted by their linear figures like sheets of different colors inside an envelope, I place them all inside the memory and send the envelope straight into my imagination, this was the generating input of this model.

The need was to create a bag capable of being elegant, minimal and brazenly simple, capable of surprising precisely because of its pure soul, to be carried above all by hand, practical and dynamic 24 hours a day, capable of sending every woman easily to destination, but with style.

The Busta gave me immediate satisfaction, its shape contains everyday life without getting upset and manages to go from a work appointment to an aperitif, without stress.

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