Modello Day

DAY model

Inspirations: Linda Evangelista / Stock Exchange 24 Hours Man / Chair Victoria Ghost Kartell / The City of London

After the success of the Night model, many customers asked me to make a greater sister with explicit insistence, demonstrating the love he had linked to her brand and concept. How not to give them an umpteenth emotion! It is born from the need to give more capacity for use to the Night model, maintaining the same stylistic figure and the harmony that distinguish the younger sister. She plays the role of her with dynamism, becoming versatile in multiple occasions, herself her name name, Day, explicitly declares the declination of her, a day bag that expresses the best of her in elegantly holding the emotions of a woman's day, from personal items to work.

You have shown over time to interpret the concept with extreme ease, wearing applique of a completely different nature and giving the colors and materials of the different character and maturity collections. I tested all the materials of all collections on her, I had fun changing them always and every time there were news and curiosity and she has always shown me the extreme versatility of her. For me it was not easy to find replication to the harmony of the forms inherent in the Night model, it was a long and suffering challenge because I arrived only after 7 steps to understand what the correct measures and balances were. It is the bag I use every day, it is the bag that does not get tired and that it does not get tired, it is the one that has also inspired  A claim of a collection of a few years ago: "ALL DAY, EVERY DAY!"

Measurements: depth6.5 cm, height 22 cm, width 28 cm, shoulder strap 143 cm.







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