Gamberini Bag


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ONE LOVE Capsule collection -Limited edition

Great shopping bags to have fun with the colors of Africa.

All unique, all different.

Because this time it's not the appliances that change, it's the bags.

30 Unique pieces made by hand with original African wax.

The wax, which literally means wax, is a coloured cotton fabric that is waxed on both sides to make it very resistant. Wax tissue fantasies have very precise meanings. The meaning given to some prints provides a way for those who wear them to communicate something about themselves, if you want to find out more about the culture and meaning of waxes you can contact the Studio Near Istanti that made this capsule for Gamberini Bag. @vicini_distanti.

Very colorful and durable shoppers, perfect for the beautiful season, each is sold with a wax fabric bag and with a special ONE LOVE application and gold frame.

If you want to combine other applications with your ONE LOVE, visit the shop application on the site!

Measurements: height 40 cm, width 37 cm.