About us

Gamberini Bag was born in 2014 in Bologna from the art studies and fashion heritage research carried on by Ilenia Gamberini, designer and brand creator. The creative process that leads to the birth of Gamberini Bag begins with the desire to create an individual artistic and cultural project, capable of unleashing beauty and emotions, as art manages to do.

The Gamberini Bag concept is expressed in the customization of a distinctive fashion accessory, such as the bag, thanks to a precious oval insert, a shape that symbolizes perfection. The oval applique is not just a design element, but a piece of art. The wonder and charm of embroideries and fabrics tailor-made by the best Italian embroiderers, real artists, are released inside the accessory.

The refined oval canvas with its figurative decorations is enhanced and illuminated by a golden frame, as in an art gallery, making each Gamberini Bag iconic and unique like the person who wears it.



The combination of the worlds of fashion design, pictorial arts, cinema, have inspired the design of the models of the bags. The mixture of curiosity and determination have instead stimulated the search for a network of Italian artisans, embroiderers and companies with whom to share the same ideals of professionalism and ethics to be used in the creation of a unique accessory, with a strong identity and recognizability.

The debut of the brand and its innovative concept coincided with the selection at the exhibition at White by Massimiliano Bizzi, the concept trade show in Milan, "container of sustainable brands defined by an avant-garde stylistic figure, established fashion houses, experimental designers".

The dialogue with the territory is a fundamental part of Gamberini Bag and finds its manifestation in the careful choice of local quality leathers and in the entirely Italian production of the bags and the accessories that embellish them. Gamberini Bag is entirely made in Italy, a guarantee of style, elegance and distinction.