First, can you tell me something about yourself? How would you define what you do?

I am a designer. I live and work in Bologna, a beloved muse. I create bags for my brand, Gamberini Bag which is the sum of my studies and my previous work experiences in the art world. Every day I feel truly blessed to be able to do the job I love. Each woman is as unique as her style, I wanted to design a bag that was customizable and unique. The appliques are the innovation of my concept, they manage to dress all my models of bags managing to give them unique versions. The client personally chooses the three appliques, she can choose between appliques made with "fashion" fabrics, with a design signed by an artist or a selection of graphics resulting from my research activity in archives and libraries. I love to dedicate part of my work to selecting everything that can inspire me for new appliques.

Can you tell me about the production process? Where do you find materials or products?

We collaborate with a handful of artisans in and around Bologna. Everything is very local, by choice of life and ethics. I have a relationship that is primarily human, as well as professional, with all those who work with us. The continuous stimulus for innovation and research weld our professional relationships and create a shared environment to test new aesthetic and formal solutions of models and materials. Trade fairs are a source of international comparison. I am lucky to be Italian and I am proud that my product is 100% hand made in Italy.

Who is the archetype of the Gamberini Bag woman?

The typical Gamberini Bag woman could be me. A woman who likes simple but refined products. The Gamberini Bag woman "composes her own bag" by carefully choosing the appliques, completely personalizing the bag, making it unique and suited to your style. The experience in our store is a sartorial operation that the woman wants to grant herself to give herself a unique fashion object.

Ilenia Gamberini