Sharing Passion

Sharing Passion!
Today I managed to line up multiple professional appointments catapulting me from one part of my splendid Bologna to the other, which is not always so pleasant with those in a hurry, but who make up for it, when they want.
I have just tried to put Simone behind the wall for the ten pistachio shoppers not yet delivered, when amaranto-colored wasp cuts my way and I almost lose that little patience that still resists this morning of mine.
I leave my champagne-colored bolide parked a little crooked under a beautiful magnolia to pick up the A4 prints from Matteo and Paolo, still as hot as brisa chocolate muffins at dawn.
I indulge in an almond-eye cappuccino on the street corner where a glimpse of spring illuminates two pastel-clad pensioners, classical music echoes from a window on the first floor further down.
It's Gloria, she tells me the gilding is ready, I can send Marco to pick up the frames at Medicina. I know, I see it, Marco is already thinking about what tastes will fill his ice cream tomorrow in the meantime, then he will ring Gloria's bell, load the cardboard on the back seat, sign the bubble and salute thanking Gloria, all with still the mustache dirty with dark chocolate.
I finally enter the shop, in the store they would say in Milan, Denise smiles at me with the tail of my eye letting me vent for the first five minutes then, as always, manages to slow me down telling me in the morning, looking me with peace in the eyes and with a voice that if I was born almost man almost ....
We compare, we plan, we greet and here we are, it is already 13 and eighteen and I prepare to be a mother, today I am punctual, I have not bought new flowers but ... but I didn't cut my reports.
I can go get Nina!!

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