Nature and kindness

Nature and kindness.
And like every year comes the time to travel, leave, rest, escape, swim.
I read about unknown places, I look at images of transparent waters and happy peoples, I listen to stories of people coming back from places on the other side of the world that if only photos could make... Aah
Then I decide and i go south of our wonderful country, I trust a council and a destination very dear to me, Sicily.
I don't book, I don't do so many programs, I don't expect anything but the fact of meeting nature and kindness.
I spent years young and carefree in Sicily, he taught me so much and gave me glimpses of nature that if only the photos could make....miiiii
My taste buds still enjoy the memory alone.
This year I decide to turn it anarchically, I land in Palermo and I enjoy the Vucciria style remixed at Villa Igea, I rent a car overtaking the salt pans of Marsala with Lido Signorino to follow, I dive in Levanzo for two days then I return to Gangi crossing fresh and milk-filled Madonie, after a sfincione in Caltagirone, jump on the Baroque along Noto, Ragusa Ibla , Scicli, an ice cream in the square in Pachino, then I arrive for dinner in Portopalo pescespada concluding.
I keep room for 5 days of Aeolians sailing boats and sipping granita almond. I am satiated but I always keep a space for dessert, I go back to Palermo and I walk all along in Gattopardo jacket.
I don't change my mind even after this trip, I always know what my favorite island is.

And in the meantime summer warms me up.

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