I want her

I Want Her
As Stephen said, eventually, love comes.
Starting from this maximum, small but absolute, I have come to understand today how important it was the training I had paying for my mature studies and the one I received for free from life.
Well, sooner or later, things are coming. It always depends on how much you want it, how much you chase it and how much luck, as Arrigo said, comes to our rescue.
I remember very well the day I got the lighting.
I had been working for a long time on a concept related to the fashion world of women, I studied sharing my research with collaborators and interned the history related to the accessory bag.
I wanted to reconcile the values surrounding me:
art and design, uniqueness and sustainability.
I wanted to succeed in giving them innovative key, deriving it from the huge historical luggage of made in Italy, a little as they would like to succeed in making all those who make product.
Innovate, innovate, innovate!! At one point it seemed to me that the whole world was screaming, that I was hearing a news story, that I was reading a book or talking to my neighbor, it seemed to me that everyone in the choir was anxious not to forget it, even Tiziana's dog.
The mission was clear, I had to be able to perceive how, what and why and who knows when!
Meanwhile I ate red cabbage and salmon, plenty of natural water and a glass of wine to send down.
That day I was distracted by impending commitments and people to listen to.
I remember that Tom, he came from NY, we used to host him in coworking in Bolognina.
He spent all day in the basement working for an exhibition that he would set up a few days later at Arte Fiera. "Dressed" the same subject with multiple styles, succeeding in giving a sense of brilliant uniqueness to the whole, translating to the viewer the concept of less is more, turning an artistic cultural gaze to sustainability, descent.... and blah, blah, blah... brilliant!
I remember the huge up grade of my unconscious. My conscious chase for months and months.
They found themselves, as on a romantic date, only when I was able to get the prototypes of my future four five bags. I immediately realized what I would need, I had finally had that famous pinch of luck, it was the moment I realized I had a bomb in my hand..... would I be able not to blow it up in my hand? Would I have managed not to lock it in a drawer for fear of not being able to throw it?
"Time at cinna time!" my uncle said by correcting my steering at every fast turn, "you will see that you will succeed, study, study!."
Today, after years from that moment of immense joy, I am still studying, I am still learning, certain of what I have managed to achieve and curious to know what I will meet tomorrow.... and blah, blah, blah.......
But what really makes me enjoy, sitting in my store, is hearing every time:
“… .geniale! I want it”.

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