Hey! Women, Women


I'm dedicated this week to color research.
I start from my yellow preferences in many of its forms.
Then I go to sift through the social networks of the sector to capture the colors of next season, I look for clues and variations that can be married, I project my models in multicolored short films.
The most emphasize floral again, forgetting it everywhere.
The less enter into new experiments, dared to detach to the jungle.
In my music I denote a prevalence of cobalt blue and mauve with tips of purple red and lilac whispering, vinaigrette now aperitif and mistral Sunday morning.
After dinner the bronzes dressed in copper and corten hints are presented, the paiettes book theaters and spectacular parties in golden and metallic colors.
Doors still emphasize the need for leather black and silk white type baby light my fire.
My car still reminds me of the presence of champagne, Massimo tickles me with the memory of sandy beaches and sails on the red moon, then greets me in avocado breakfast.
I don't miss anything I just have to tidy up, lift what you don't need and add salt and size, the rest you will, wonderful women of soaked life, each of their own color!

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