Watch the wolf!

Franco Lacca has just fired Valeria by handing her over to his mid-afternoon date with the painted friends of a murderous blonde platinum and a new 80-year cut that could rekindle the desires of any 70-year-old gorilla.
She, satisfied, looked reflected herself in the mirrors of the salon and squeezed her little eye, opened the smiling door, outside Andrea, passing on her flaming monoskate, risked the front with a van dazzled by the reflected platinum paint to the sun.
It is Bologna, which gives my city a unique and Romanesque interpretation of the daily life.
After this scene of Fellinian inclination I arrived on a slow bike in Via Ezio Cesarini from my pusher of clips and similar, from the deafening face, always concise and friendly, always immersed in his thoughts and carpets.
Fifty meters from Via Manin to the corner with Via Erbosa, the bar Giulia has been home to daily bar-shaped short films from unsuspecting times.
I gave myself a Tassoni cedar to pay tribute to this precious corner, while during two twenty years they bet on the speed of their two-wheeled, blessed. To Radio Lucio Dalla with Beware of the wolf.
On his bicycle, returning to the centre, Aziz reorganizes his workshop complaining to Alves in a loud, unaware voice of the three Polish students waiting for a reply in order to be able to ask,  in a limping Italian, the presence of a laundry nearby. After five minutes they went out with a drink, two bananas and natural water, none of them understood Aziz's directions,  But that's okay.
When I arrive near the new Town Hall I get a call from a customer, I stop and sit on the inclined lawn of Liber Paradisus. I can keep an eye on her, but meanwhile, I'm being caught by the buzzard of hormones. They can't stay still for more than three seconds and they can't stop screaming to communicate, after the call I get up to the center.After passing the station I am warmed up by the smog l in e of the avenues, then straight up the Via Independenza and I am in Piazza Maggiore, what a beautiful St. Peter in half, a look at the tower of the Municipality, check the time and I feel happy.

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